NFC and the Future of Mobile Marketing

NFC technology is beginning to be embraced by smart phone manufacturers and apps like Google Wallet. NFC will gain more widespread use around the world and will revolutionize the way smart phones are used.

Near field communication, or NFC, has spread throughout Japan and has started to come to other countries, including the United States. NFC technology is based on the same technology as store security tags. Just as a radio signal from a security tag will activate an alarm, a radio signal can transmit information between two devices if the devices are tapped together.

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Optimizing Video for Mobile Devices

Companies are increasing their video ad spend in 2012. Creating optimized videos for mobile devices will ensure that videos reach a wider audience and provide increased returns on their advertising investment.

Companies are expected to spend $7.1 billion on video advertising in 2012, which is an increase of 72 percent over previous years. In many cases, consumers are accessing videos on their smart phones.

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URL Shortening For Improved Customer Retention

URL shortening will help businesses to keep their website and landing page addresses concise and easy for customers to memorize. Shorter URLs also fit better onto mobile screens and enhance mobile marketing opportunities.

Using a URL shortener provides companies with several advantages. If customers don't have a handy link to the company's site or a bookmark, then they will never remember a long URL when they are on-the-go using their mobile device.

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