Clip Art Resources for Students, Teachers & Business Professionals

Educators and experimental psychologists have concluded that information is retained longer when both oral and visual means are used to communicate a message. Studies have also shown that more than 80% of human learning happens visually, while only 11% learn through hearing. Other studies have suggested that, three days after, people only retained 10% of the information they heard during an oral presentation. A visual presentation helped people retain 35% of the information after three days. Information presented orally and visually helped people retain 65% of the information three days after; therefore, using visual aides is an essential aspect of any presentation. Visual aids help to reinforce ideas, effectively reach the audience, and help them retain the provided information longer.

Visual aids include PowerPoint presentations, flip charts, videos, photos, animations, clip art images, or any other means in which the audience can actually see what they are hearing. For instance, a business professional giving a presentation about a new marketing campaign may choose to add visuals using a PowerPoint presentation or hand out booklets which contain graphs and pie charts showing monthly sales. The following resources are to some of the best free visual aids available for students, teachers, and other professionals. Some images require credit to be given depending on how the image is being used so it is important to pay attention to the terms of use.