URL Shortening For Improved Customer Retention

URL shortening will help businesses to keep their website and landing page addresses concise and easy for customers to memorize. Shorter URLs also fit better onto mobile screens and enhance mobile marketing opportunities.

Using a URL shortener provides companies with several advantages. If customers don't have a handy link to the company's site or a bookmark, then they will never remember a long URL when they are on-the-go using their mobile device. A URL shortening service will take a long address and make it short and memorable. Customers will input the shorter URL, and the shortening service will ensure that they are redirected to the appropriate website.

Customers Will Click On Short URLs

Customers look at a lengthy URL and find it unapproachable. Customers also tend to think that shorter URLs are closer to the main website and more likely to contain the information that they need. When a URL is too long, customers may infer that the information on the page will be too complicated, causing them to search for the same information on another site. On a mobile device, long URLs may take up the entire page, keeping customers from getting important content at-a-glance.

Twitter Marketing

Companies that plan to market via Twitter must realize that they only have 140 characters at their disposal. A long web address will swallow the entire tweet and leave no room for marketing content. Twitter followers are unlikely to click on a tweeted link if the company tells them nothing about the page content.

SMS Marketing

Depending on the recipient's mobile phone service, companies have between 140 and 160 characters to get their message across. If recipients do not use smart phones that automatically link them to the company site, then they will have to re-type the web address into their browser. The chance for typos is greatly enhanced with a long URL, and typos mean missed opportunities for the customer to visit the website.

Print Media

When website addresses are included in print media, unless companies use QR codes, customers have to translate the web address from the printed page and into their browsers. Companies may advertise on posters on other media that will require customers to memorize their web address for later recall. A long URL will be impossible to memorize and will translate into missed opportunities.

Companies may utilize a number of URL shortening services that operate on the web. Many of these make money through advertising, which means that businesses will pay no money for their service. A short URL is memorable and easy for customers to put into their mobile browser. This simple change may result in a significant increase in page views and, by extension, a significant increase in sales.