Survey Reveals Mobile Phone Shopping Habits

A recent Google survey of smart phone users uncovered three categories of customers who regularly use their mobile devices. Businesses can use this information to target their mobile optimized ad campaigns.

Businesses that have not created a mobile marketing strategy should rethink their marketing priorities. In early 2011, Google conducted a survey of 5,000 mobile phone users and found that 50 percent of those users clicked on mobile ads. Some other interesting metrics were reported in the survey:

--Percentage of smart phone owners who used their phones at home: 93 percent

--Percentage of smart phone users who browse the internet: 81 percent

--Percentage of smart phone users who use mobile search: 77 percent

--Percentage of people who would give up cable before giving up their smart phones: 20 percent

--Percentage of people who use their smart phones while consuming other media: 72 percent

No one can argue that mobile phone use is on the rise and that smart phones will soon dominate the mobile phone market. This means that businesses need a mobile marketing strategy, and they need it quickly. Google's survey found three general types of customer usage patterns among the survey participants.

The Action-Oriented Consumer

Nine out of ten people who use mobile search take action, with half of those actions leading to a purchase. Most mobile customers used search to find news, entertainment, dining and shopping. Businesses can develop a mobile Google AdWords campaign to reach customers who are conducting these searches. AdWords will not only provide advertising but will also deliver advertising-related metrics.

The Local Information Seeker

Ninety-five percent of smart phone users have looked for local information on their mobile device. Of those, 61 percent call a business, 59 percent visit the business and 44 percent make a purchase. Of those who take action, 88 percent of them take action within one business day. Businesses, therefore, need to make use of Google Places as well as Location Based Social Media sites like Facebook Places and Foursquare.

The Smart Phone Shopper

Seventy-nine percent of smart phone users use their phones while shopping, and 74 percent of those shoppers make a purchase. Seventy-six percent purchase in-store, 59 percent purchase online and 35 percent purchase with their phones. With the development of NFC technology and applications like Google Wallet, smart phone shopping is a major growth area for businesses of all sizes.

Of the 82 percent of mobile users who regularly notice ads, roughly half actually click on the ad. This means that companies that have not taken advantage of mobile-optimized pay-per-click are missing a major mobile marketing opportunity.